Managing Your Small Business

Recordkeeping Basics

Valuing Your Business

Laws and Local Ordinances That Impact Your Business

Providing Great Customer Service

Managing Your Inventory

Creating a Business Plan

Selecting the Right Technology and Tools

Managing Vendor Relationships

Location, Location, Location

Buying an Existing Business

Naming Your Business

Sources of Start-Up Funding

Leasing Space for Your Business

Partnership Pros and Cons

Business Lines of Credit

Effective Receivables Collection

Using Credit Cards for Financing

Establishing Credit

Extending Credit To Your Customers

Working With Outside Investors

Lease or Buy Equipment

Keeping Your Business & Personal Finances Separate

The Basics of Budgeting

Basic Accounting Statements

Small Business Administration Loans

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Working with Factors

Measuring the ROI of Your Marketing Budget

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Creating an Online Presence

Effective Employee Communications

Training and Educating Employees

Negotiating with Prospective Employees

Running a Virtual Company

Creating an Employee Handbook

Compensation Basics

Required Employee Benefits

Using Contractors Instead of Employees

Branding Your Business

Hiring Your First Employee

Creating a Marketing Plan

Affordable Marketing Strategies for Startups

Saving to Start a Business

Total Employee Compensation Package

Determine Your Working Capital Requirements

Business Inventory Requirements

Gross Margin Analysis

Sales Volume Required to Break Even

The Value of Your Business

Accounts Receivable Analysis

Calculate a Business Loan Payment

Purchase or Lease Equipment

Projecting Your Cash Flow

Calculate Your Conversion Rate

Calculate Your Direct Mail ROI

Pay-per-Click Advertising ROI

Calculate Your Email Marketing ROI

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Business Debt Consolidation

Business Loan or Line of Credit?

Repaying a Business Loan

Financial Ratio Analysis

Attracting and Retaining Quality Employees

Direct Marketing Basics

“Positive Pay: A Powerful Tool to Protect Your Company Against Check Fraud”

Importance of Cyber Security

6 Ways to Protect Your Business from Business Email Compromise Scams

Ransomware: Protect Your Business Against The Growing Threat

Choosing the Right Name for Your Business Account

Organization Structures

Reasons to choose a health savings account for your employees.

Steps to take with your bank when an employee leaves your company.

Have a new employee? Take these steps with your bank to get them on board.

Keep Your ACH Transactions Compliant with NACHA Requirements

Steps financial institutions take to combat identity theft

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

Getting a Business Loan

Optimize Your Sales Pipeline

7 Tips for Safer Online Business Banking

6 Ways to Avoid Business Email Fraud

5 Ways to Protect Against Fraud

Social Media Marketing

Internet Marketing Basics

Selling Your Products Online