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Bill Pay

Pay all your business bills fast and easy.

In business, every minute counts. Stop wasting time on writing checks, mailing an envelope or filing paper statements. With Business Bill Pay, you can pay all your bills electronically, 24 hours a day.

Available with every Business Checking Account, Business Bill Pay makes it easy to set up automatic payments for recurring bills or make a single payment any time you need to.

You can even pay bills from your phone or tablet using our mobile app.

QuickBooks® Direct Connect

Harness the power of automation with a direct QuickBooks® connection.

Direct Connect empowers your business by connecting your Business Online Banking account with QuickBooks. Direct Connect will automatically download transactions from Business Online Banking into your QuickBooks account, saving you time and preventing duplicate transactions. 

Setting up Direct Connect is easy with this simple guide.

Enhanced Fraud Protection

You can never have enough security when it comes to your money.

We’ll stop suspicious transactions and alert you before the money leaves your business account(s) — without interfering with everyday business needs. 

Monitored transactions include:

  • ACH single payments
  • ACH batch and payroll
  • Domestic wires
  • International wires
  • ACH PassThru files
  • And more!

With enhanced fraud protection, you can sleep at night knowing your business accounts are being watched.  

Our security tools work 24/7 to keep your accounts safe—so you can take a well-earned break. 

Here’s how we do it:

Real-time behavioral analytics

We analyze previous transactions to develop a picture of your likely behavior. Our fraud protection system then determines which logins and transactions might be fraudulent as they occur—and stops transactions before they are completed.

Login & endpoint inspection

By examining the origin of transactions and logins and combining it with data surrounding the transaction, our system can better determine if your account is being used fraudulently.

By combining behavioral data with other layers of security, we work to stop fraudulent transactions before they can be completed. So you and your money are safe with us.

Log into your Business Online Banking account and sign up today.

Real-Time Bank Alerts 

When it happens, you know. Talk about a feeling of security.

Choose from dozens of alerts that tell you when:

  • A purchase is made using your debit card
  • An account transaction happens
  • Your balance drops below a certain amount
  • A check clears that exceeds the amount you set

Real Time Alerts let you know the moment something important happens to your account by instantly sending a message via text* or email. Choose which Real Time Bank Alerts you want to receive and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing what’s happening with your money.

Log into your Business Online Account and sign up today.

*Message and data rates may apply. Consult your mobile carrier.


Goodbye, paper. Hello, secure and easy.

Sign up to begin receiving all your monthly checking, savings and investment statements electronically. 

eStatements are secure, easy to use, and help reduce the clutter of paper statements. ​There’s so much to like about eStatements.

Log into your Business Online Account and enroll today.

Download the Business Banking User Guide

Unlock the potential of your business banking accounts with our downloadable user guide.

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