Business Boost

Understanding Business Lines of Credit

Managing Cash Flow in Your Business

Cash flow is the way funds move in and out of your company. When inflow from sales is greater than the outflow from salaries and other expenses, business is good.…

How Businesses Can Obtain and Use Credit

Less than half of small business owners who apply for credit get the full amount requested. But if you understand how credit works and how lenders assess credit applications, you’ll…

3 Business Budgeting Basics You Should Know

A smart, detailed budget keeps your business running day to day, week to week, and through the highs and the lows. And, a good budget that will keep you on…

Preparing to Get a Business Loan

You may need a business loan to make your dreams a reality. And like many things in life, the key to getting the business loan you need, at a rate…

Why You Should Consider Buying an Existing Business

If your dream is to own a business, should you start your own or buy one that’s already established? Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider…

Thinking Cap Childcare

Jaishawna from Thinking Cap Childcare explains her experience banking with First Federal Lakewood.

UCG Technologies

Hear why Jim trusts First Federal Lakewood with his banking needs.

Business Boost : Leadership

Kimberly Dyer of CultureShoc reveals the 5 leadership abilities organizations must master to overcome growing pains and break through the ceiling.

Business Boost: Digital Marketing

Not sure where to start with digital marketing? Kevin Latchford of Aztek suggests prioritizing these 5 tactics.

Business Boost: Business Banking

Finding the right business banking partner is crucial for the success of your company. Learn how to approach this process with Scott Gnau of First Federal Lakewood.

Business Boost: Accounting

From real-time data to cybersecurity, is your accountant talking to you about these 5 things? Rick Lash of Rea & Associates dives into the most important topics.

Business Boost: Cash Flow Management

Dell Duncan of First Federal Lakewood talks about the importance of cash flow and how it can make — or break — your business.

Business Boost: Insurance

Are you asking your insurance advisor these 5 questions? Bryan Schauer of the Schauer Group explains why each one is critical for your business.

Business Boost: Beating Burnout

Burnout impacts everyone, here are six ways from Pete Honsberger at CultureShoc to avoid the dreaded burnout as a business owner, leader or team member.

Business Boost: Business Plan

As your business grows, are you keeping up with your business plan? Identify the business plan format for your goals and talk through the Business Model Canvas and identifying the…

Business Boost: Cyber Security

The five questions every business owner must ask about their cyber security preparedness from Joseph Billings, Go2IT Group.

Business Boost: Human Resources

Explore the top five HR mitigation strategies to keep your company compliant with Joe Spooner from Spooner Risk Control.

Dr. Buckley – Berea Family Dental Testimonial

Dr. Elizabeth Buckley, owner of Berea Family Dental, talks about how First Federal Lakewood helped secure funding for an office renovation for their growing practice.

Dr. Buckley – Berea Family Dental Testimonial – Full Video

Dr. Elizabeth Buckley, owner of Berea Family Dental, and CFO Tim Buckley, talk about how First Federal Lakewood secured funding for an office renovation for their growing practice.

Treasury Management: Positive Pay

Alix Kaufmann of First Federal Lakewood discusses the impact of Positive Pay and how it can help detect fraud, saving time and money for your business.

Treasury Management: Cost

One of the most commonly asked questions is cost of treasury services. Alix Kaufmann discusses how First Federal Lakewood makes it affordable for you and your business.

Treasury Management at First Federal Lakewood

Treasury Management Services help business customers save time and money. Hear from Alix Kaufmann about the benefits of adding Treasury Management Services to your relationship.

Treasury Management: IntraFi ICS/CDARS

Alix Kauffman of First Federal Lakewood talks about our partnership with IntraFi™ and how ICS/CDARS services can be managed easily through one bank.

Treasury Management: ACH

Learn about Automated Clearing House Network, also known as ACH, with Alix Kaufmann of First Federal Lakewood, as she explains how this process is safe, secure, and time-saving for your…

We believe small businesses are the backbone of our communities. Every day businesses are faced with questions on topics unrelated to their industry. Whether it is questions on marketing, HR, banking, or something else entirely, we created the Business Boost series to provide access to local experts and advice to support businesses and their owners. That request for guidance is what drove us to create the Business Boost video series! We’re proud to support local business owners by providing access to industry experts on a wide variety of topics. 

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