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Partner with a local, experienced financial advisor at First Federal Lakewood Investment Services (FFLIS). Together, we’ll create a path to meet your goals. Whether planning for retirement, saving for a new home or creating an estate plan, your money goes to work in our communities. It’s the mutual bank difference.

First Federal Lakewood Investment Services include:

  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life and Legacy Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Products
  • Insurance Products
  • Business Products & Services

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First Federal Lakewood offers FDIC insured deposit products. FFL Investment Services offers access to brokerage and investment products which are NOT FDIC INSURED. Securities and insurance products are offered through Cetera Investment Services LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services are offered through Cetera Investment Advisers LLC.

* Not FDIC insured * May go down in value * Not financial institution guaranteed * Not a deposit * Not insured by any federal government agency. Neither Cetera Investment Services nor Cetera Investment Advisers are affiliated with First Federal Lakewood or its related companies.

Explore Retirement Planning Options

Pay Taxes Now and Not in Retirement with a Roth IRA

Our Roth IRAs give you a range of investment options, including traditional savings accounts and CDs. Your retirement savings grow with money that’s already been taxed.

Earn Tax-Deferred Savings with a Traditional IRA

Traditional IRAs offer a wide range of investment options, including savings accounts and CDs. Your earnings are tax deferred, meaning you don’t pay taxes until you withdraw your funds.

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