Willson Elementary School

Back to school season is usually filled with new backpacks and fresh crayons, first-day outfits and the electric excitement of finding out who your teacher is. Even if this year looks and feels a little different, teachers and school administrators are working incredibly hard to provide an enriching educational experience for the children they are so dedicated to teaching. This includes the amazing staff at Willson Elementary!

We were so proud to provide our Activity Book to be included in their student’s “home bag” materials for this year. After all, it’s never too early to start teaching kids about financial literacy! From basic money terms to the benefits of saving, we were happy to share a fun and educational resource to help these students develop positive short-and long-term financial habits and skills.

Thank you to the teachers, staff, and families that are working so hard to make this year successful. We wish everyone a safe, happy, and productive school year!