Spotlight on LakewoodAlive

LakewoodAlive is a community-centered nonprofit organization that seeks to foster and sustain vibrant and welcoming neighborhoods in Lakewood through:

  • Administering a Housing Outreach Program that primarily serves low- to moderateincome residents
  • Operating a Small Business Support Program
  • Hosting large-scale community events
  • Pursuing community development initiatives including public art and beautification

The deep connectivity between our team and LakewoodAlive undoubtedly stems from the unmistakable similarity between the heart of mutual banking and what LakewoodAlive describes as the heart of all they do — fostering and sustaining vibrant neighborhoods.

“Our hometown bank understands the importance of supporting neighbors who are struggling, helping businesses get their feet off the ground and spotlighting big public events that celebrate Lakewood’s quality of life.”

-Ian Andrews, LakewoodAlive Executive Director