New Guide from First Federal Lakewood Helps Navigate the Homebuying Process


Buying a home can be an exciting — but sometimes complicated — process, no matter if it’s your first, second, or third home.

Amping up the pressure recently is the highly competitive housing market and rising interest rates.  Even amid the current economic environment, First Federal Lakewood is committed to making buyers feel empowered so they can make informed decisions throughout the homebuying journey.

The Ultimate Homebuying Guide helps buyers embark on that journey with an added layer of confidence. The 15-step guide provides an easy-to-understand overview of the homebuying process. The guide includes important information and helpful tips to ensure buyers know what to expect throughout the entire process, from determining if they are ready financially and logistically to buy to closing on a new home.

“In this highly competitive housing market, the process of buying a home can seem totally overwhelming, particularly for first-time buyers,” said Lisa Behm, SVP, Chief Mortgage Officer at First Federal Lakewood. “We wanted to help by breaking down every step of the process and providing clear and actionable advice to help area residents navigate the homebuying process.”

The guide provides useful tools to help:

  • Explain how to get pre-approved and set a budget
  • Apply for the mortgage loan
  • Get an inspection done
  • Agree on a title company
  • Do a final walk-through

The guide also shares detailed information on certain things to avoid until after closing, such as changing employment or income status, opening or closing any lines of credit, and moving money around between accounts unnecessarily.

Each stage of the process is broken down into digestible nuggets of information, making it less overwhelming for readers and allowing them to consume the information at their own pace.

“With the convenience of having all of the information in one location, buyers will have everything they need at their fingertips,” Behm said. “Most importantly, they will feel confident and prepared for the process of purchasing a home.”