Home Is Where Your Teammates Are. Home Is First Federal Lakewood.

Have you ever worked at a place where you just clicked with your colleagues and couldn’t wait to come back?

Kyle Slovick, an intern-turned-employee, did!

Thanks to his experience in the commercial credit department, he found his home ever since the beginning when he interned for us.

“As an intern for about a year and a half, I started my internship helping with special projects and impaired loan calculations,” said Slovick. “After my summer internship, I transitioned up to accounting.

As an intern, the thing I enjoyed the most was the culture and the team that I worked with. Everyone was always willing to take time out of their day to help assist and guide me in my early accounting career.”

For two years he worked alongside Chris Miller, controller in the accounting department, and his team learning the ins and outs of the commercial credit business. Once it was time for Slovick to leave and gain experience elsewhere, he did what any colleague would do: he kept in touch with Miller.

“Fast forward almost three and a half years later, I obtained my CPA license with the state of South Carolina where I worked in public accounting for two years and was looking for opportunities in Ohio where my wife and I could settle and raise our family,” said Slovick. “I saw an assistant controller opportunity open with First Mutual Holding Co. and I applied almost immediately.”

It was finally time for Kyle to come ‘home’. In 2021, his experience from his internship and previous job, plus his knowledge of the culture, lead him back to the company – ready and excited to work with Miller and his old team again.

“Kyle was a fantastic hard-working intern who demonstrated the values we look for in the FMHC accounting and finance group,” said Miller. “After a few years apart, I’m thrilled that Kyle was able to rejoin the First Mutual Holding Co. family and I look forward to working with him as we continue to grow as an organization.”

We’re proud to be able to support rehiring and offer a place for interns and employees to not only gain the experience they need to succeed at First Federal Lakewood and beyond, but to also gain a positive experience with their fellow colleagues.

“I learned how important culture was to me and knew that FMHC and First Federal Lakewood not only has a great culture, but great leaders,” said Slovick. “I now get to work alongside Chris and Lauren, who have been awesome and very welcoming when bringing me back on board. I look forward to a great career here and am definitely happy where my feet are.”

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