Edna House Partnership with First Federal Lakewood

There’s no better feeling than helping someone in need.

First Federal Lakewood proudly partners with the Edna House to bring financial literacy skills to women in their program. Located near our Gordon Square branch, the Edna House assists women recovering from substance abuse.

“The Edna House was founded in 2004 when four women saw a need in the Cleveland community and started this grassroots effort,” says Jenn Lasky, executive director at The Edna House. “We provide services to women who need longer-term, residential, recovery programming. Women build their sober support group and a foundation in recovery, with the ultimate goal being a lifetime of sobriety.”

Their six-month program is divided into two parts: phase one is approximately three months and includes six daily in-house meetings. These meetings are facilitated by women in the outside recovery community and nightly offsite AA meetings. Phase two of the program starts in their fourth month and includes a job development program, where Eliseo Cruz-Garcia, community development officer at First Federal Lakewood, assists with financial literacy classes. From budgeting to opening up a savings or checking account, First Federal Lakewood is dedicated to setting the women up for financial success.

“Women find out about us by word of mouth in the recovery community and through our Edna Alumnae Association, who are our greatest referral source,” says Lasky.

“The disease doesn’t discriminate,” she continues. “Women come here from all backgrounds. We’re proud to say that once a woman gets back on her feet, she then gives back that which was so generously given to her.”

Edna House programming is independent of government funding and health insurance reimbursement. No money is needed to enter the program, all that is needed is the willingness and desire to get sober. The Edna House returns women back to their families and communities sober, strong, law abiding and with sustainable employment.

As for what’s next for The Edna House, Lasky says they’re excited to celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2024. Make sure you’re following them on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn to see what they’ll be up to!

Find more details about the organization here.