A New Season at First Federal Lakewood: Refreshed for Change and Invested in Our Roots

Seasons change, and this year, it feels truer than ever. Our passion and energy have been focused on helping our community members and businesses navigate a crisis unlike any we’ve ever seen. As we begin to figure out together what the next season will bring, it is the right time to share the new look for First Federal Lakewood. We proudly debut our new logo as we step into this new season side by side with you.

Our previous logo served us for many years. It connected our customers to our brand and stood as a proud symbol in the community. The foundation of our logo, the tree, is now modernized and continues to be the mark of our visual identity. The tree represents growth and maintains our strong, deep roots in the community we’ve proudly served for over 85 years.

We recognized that our commitment to growth made a new logo necessary. A cleaner look and easier to read font provide the look that represents us now and future. It is an ongoing symbol of who we are and where we are going.

Our new logo represents First Federal Lakewood and all the ways our customers choose to bank with us. The restyled tree is a nod to the modern banking tools, conveniences, and practices that represent how our community banks with us as we maintain our local, personal approach.

The tree’s roots represent our unwavering commitment to the community we are proud to have served for 85 years. We will continue to invest in our local economy and embody what it means to be a good neighbor and a mutual bank. While our new logo symbolizes a new chapter, it also stays true to our roots. We don’t just serve this community; we’re a part of it, too.