A Community Outreach Moment with Tiffany Hill, Branch Manager

From handing out decorated Valentine’s Day cards to local nursing homes to participating in the Fairview Park parade, Tiffany Hill, branch manager at North Olmsted and Fairview Park, is always looking for ways to give back to our local communities.

Learn what community outreach means to her and what’s on the horizon for 2022.

What does community outreach mean to you?
I like giving back to the community because we have a lot of customers who bank with us and I believe that it’s our responsibility to give back. For example, the Fairview Park branch tries to frequently visit the local nursing home. The individuals there know who we are and we want to make them feel good. We want to show that we care about them.

How do you plan community outreach projects? What was your most memorable project?
The branch teams and I brainstorm on different happenings around the communities. We know a lot of mom-and-pop businesses in the area, too. I also participate in the rotary and local Chamber of Commerce, so I learn about various community events from them. This helps me brainstorm ways on how to incorporate those events within the branches.

In February of this year, the Fairview Park and North Olmsted branches dropped off 121 Valentine’s Day cards, pens, and calendars to the Fairview and North Olmsted’s O’Neill Nursing Homes. I’m proud of that.
My most memorable project was on a prior Valentine’s Day where we also delivered handmade Valentine’s Day cards to the local nursing home. We ended up receiving a response from one individual and it really touched us. It meant a lot that they took the time to write us and tell us how happy they were receiving a card.

What is on the horizon for future community outreach plans?
In the future we’re planning on participating in the Fairview Summer Fest 5K run and parade as well as handing out roses during Mother’s Day. There will be many more opportunities for fun community outreach this year!
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