Chalana Williams

SVP, Chief Community Development Officer

About Chalana

What is a community-related accomplishment you’re really proud of?
While volunteering with a workforce development agency, I have been able to teach work related soft skills and financial literacy to individuals who have since become my First Federal Lakewood colleagues, and are now better equipped with money management skills.


Why did you want to be part of the Financial Literacy Team?
I have been leading financial literacy in the community for nine years, and I am convinced more than ever, of the need for financial education that equips individuals and families with skills to manage money effectively. Establishing an First Federal Lakewood Financial Literacy Team allows for increased opportunities to offer seminars and workshops in the community.


When it comes to helping our local communities, what does financial literacy mean to you?
There is a saying, “knowledge is power”, and by offering financial literacy in our local communities, satisfies a passion of mine to help empower individuals and families to make sound financial decisions that can positively impact generations to come.