Alex Dickos

Mortgage Loan Originator - Team Lead
Phone: (330) 510-3720
Cell: (330) 571-6509
Fax: (330) 510-3720
NMLS: 406196

From the Desk of Alex

Buying Down an Interest Rate with Points

As a savvy consumer, you should always be looking for ways to shave some money from your monthly budget. Even small adjustments can add up to significant savings over the…

Buying vs Renting a Home

Does it make more sense to rent than to buy? That has been a long-running debate in this country. However, the question is flawed: There is no correct answer. There…

Calculate a Mortgage Payment

Repayment of a mortgage loan requires that the borrower make a monthly payment back to the lender. That monthly payment includes both repayment of the loan principal, plus monthly interest…

What People Say About Alex

“Alex Dickos and Elisabeth Lang were a great team to work with! Thank you for all of your help.”
Kimberly R.