Balance Security and Liquidity

IntraFi® is a service that balances your need for security, returns, and liquidity. Enjoy peace-of-mind that your large deposits are fully protected by FDIC insurance while still maintaining the flexibility to access and manage your funds.

Why Choose IntraFi?


FDIC Insurance on Every Dollar

With IntraFi, funds from your First Federal Lakewood account are systematically distributed across a network of banks in order to keep each account under the FDIC’s insurance limit of $250,000. This means that your total account value — up to $250 million* — remains fully insured and protected.


Real-Time Liquidity

IntraFi allows you to have real-time liquidity so you can access your money exactly when you need it. So not only is your account protected, but you also have the flexibility to respond to business needs instantly.



Managing your finances can be complex enough without the hassle of juggling multiple bank relationships. With IntraFi, everything is streamlined through First Federal Lakewood. This means you have access to full FDIC insurance coverage across a network of banks, but you can manage all your transactions and communications through just one bank — us.

Our IntraFi Services


Insured Cash Sweep (ICS®)

ICS is perfect for those looking for security and flexibility. Move funds above $250,000 into money market deposit accounts across multiple banks, ensuring each account stays within FDIC insurance limits while retaining the ability to withdraw funds or write checks.


Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS®)

If you’re looking to maximize returns on longer-term deposits, CDARS is the ideal solution. By distributing deposits above $250,000 into multiple CDs across various banks, CDARS keeps each deposit within FDIC insurance limits, so you get complete security while still optimizing your returns.


Partnering with First Federal Lakewood

When you choose First Federal Lakewood, you get more than just a bank. IntraFi is just one of the ways we continue to provide sophisticated, reliable financial solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

*Subject to bank review and approval.